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Law Firm Branding – The Danger Of Illusory Brands

Marketing The Legal Mind - 2014 Explains How Illusory Brands Lead To Turmoil And Ultimately The Firms Demise When Challenged By Financial Instability

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 19, 2014 / -- Supported by more than one hundred candid interviews with top law partners across the country, Henry Dahut, brand expert and author of Marketing The Legal Mind – 2014, makes the case that firms that promote illusory brands, can, and often will, fracture from the inside-out when tested against serious financial stress and instability - especially of the type the United States experienced beginning with the recession of 2007.

The sudden decline and ultimate demise of such firms, says the author, is attributable not only to a crisis in market conditions, but also to a crisis in identity, values and leadership. Dahut makes the case that law firms that are driven mostly by wealth and power are firms that are destined to eventually self-destruct. This is because, no matter how much they try to brand, they will be unable to brand truthfully, and therefore will never be able to effectively compete against more progressive and enlightened firms— firms that do brand truthfully - those that do not solely worship wealth and power, but rather cherish personal and professional fulfillment.

Dahut stresses, first and foremost, that the development of a value-driven identity must be viewed as a transformative process. It is an intentional act of determinism. A true value-driven identity can neither be developed in a vacuum nor written by clever advertising executives.

Developing a value-driven brand identity must grow out of a fierce desire on behalf of the firm’s leaders to be more than what they acknowledge themselves to be right now. To imagine a future that truly inspires them both professionally and personally. Nothing stands still. As the world changes so must we. Marketing The Legal Mind - 2014 makes a persuasive argument that the legal profession need no longer be chained to the stale and self-serving values of the past – values that no longer serve society and which have kept lawyers from realizing their greater potential individually and as a profession.

Here Is What The Experts Are Saying About Marketing The Legal Mind - 2014

A compelling and analytical roadmap to growing your law practice and a must-read for law firm leaders...." -- Martindale-Hubbell, Timothy Corcoran, Former V.P. Market Planning

"Henry's Book is a must read for any professional interested in excelling at law firm marketing...." Aleisha Gravit, CMO of Akin Gump

"This is a great belongs with the classics of law firm management and service marketing..." PM Magazine, Steve Barrett, Law Firm Strategist and Chief Marketing Officer.

"This book guides lawyers step-by-step through the big-think and deep-think that are the essential foundations of successful legal marketing..." Andrew Elowittt, JD, MBA, former Chair, Law Practice Management Committee, State Bar of California.

"A Must Read! This book presents compelling arguments for why legal professionalism must include business professionalism." Harry Ruffalo, Professor, University of Wisconsin School of Law, author of A Students Introduction To The Business Of Law

"Henry Dahut's book is wonderful and thought-provoking." -- Linda Hazelton, Chair Education Committee, Legal Marketing Association

"This book should be required reading in law school along with property and contracts"
Professor Myron Moskovitz, Golden Gate University - School of Law

"This fascinating work combines business theory, human nature and even brain science in a compelling way..." Arnold Deutch, M.D., UCLA Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Marketing The Legal Mind - 2014 is Available Through Amazon Kindle/Soft/Hardback


Henry Dahut, attorney, author, instructor and law firm brand marketing advisor has consulted with AM-Law 500 firms on brand and client service management and is the author of the best-selling law practice management book, Marketing the Legal Mind--A Search for Leadership 2014. Dahut has been a special advisor to the State Bar of California, Law Practice Management and Technology Committee, and has been a member in good standing of the California State Bar since 1986.Dahut is currently active in contributing to the development of legal education reforms and has participated in state bar meetings involving the formulation of law school education. He is currently developing specific law school courses designed around practical skills development in the areas of client counseling, formation of value-driven client relationships, law practice leadership, client-centric counseling, practice management and professional ethics.

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