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Packer-Combo-Mower,com...Lawn Mower of the Future. It cuts, It mulches It edges and it weed whacks !

Oh Yeah...This Ain't Your Daddy's Lawn Mower !

PHILADELPHIA, PA, US, May 9, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Attention Manufacturers:

UGH...Power lawn mowers are boring...boring... boring...always the same old...same old....

Edgers and weed whackers and mulchers are same old same...same old...throwaway extras....

But not when all are combined as in the revolutionary simple invention as demonstrated on www.PACKER-COMBO-MOWER.com

The Packer-Combo-Mower is the new 'gotta have it' standard lawn mower for lawn maintenance mavens.

Sure bet to take a big bite out of the multi-billion dollar lawn maintenance industry.

Manufacturers and investor comments invited.

Kiatrina Revele
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