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Remote Eavesdropping & Spyware on Android Smartphones Thwarted by SpyWarn™ 2.0 Forensic App

SpyWarn™ is a patent pending forensic methodology used to evaluate smartphones for spyware and covert remote eavesdropping. This new approach is 100% effective.

OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 20, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Business espionage, personal spying and government snooping are pandemic facts of 21st Century life. Cell phones are the top technical targets. Until SpyWarn™ 2.0, most anti-spyware apps provided little protection, and others were little more than mental band-aids.

According to The New York Times, "The antivirus industry has a dirty little secret: its products are often not very good at stopping viruses."

Another tester came to a similar conclusion, "The results, generally speaking, were dismal... Many missed half or more of the spyware apps."

Most "spyware detection" apps only scan for known spyware. New and well hidden spyware goes unnoticed, and detecting baseband eavesdropping isn't even offered. New spyware apps are being created all the time. Detecting them with outdated comparison lists is obviously ineffective.

SPYWARN™ IS DIFFERENT (patent pending)
SpyWarn™ (http://www.spywarn.com) takes a very different approach to detection. A technical analysis of the phone's processes (data movements, transmission time, power consumption, etc.) is combined with the phone user's personal observations about how their phone is behaving.

Observations are collected via multiple choice survey. This is the same diagnostic interview used by counterespionage consulting firm Murray Associates (http://counterespionage.com) during paid consultations with their business and government clients.

The SpyWarn™ algorithm combines the technical and subjective data it collects to compute an evaluation threat level. Simply said, instead of trying to identify spyware by signature comparisons, SpyWarn™ looks for what the spyware is doing, and ALL spyware is doing something. 100% effectiveness.

Another unique feature of SpyWarn™ is its real-time Eavesdropping Alert. This triggers when the microphone and transmitter are on at the same time; a clear indication spyware or baseband eavesdropping is in progress. A warning banner silently appears on the screen and provides directions on what to do next.

An anti-spyware security app should respect privacy. Many do not. All information collected by SpyWarn™ stays on the owner's phone. Absolutely nothing is transmitted to anyone else.

Unlike other technical forensic apps, SpyWarn™ combines its sophisticated analysis with affordability ($2.99).

All Android smartphone users need this app on their phones. Even if a spyware infection isn't suspected now, pre-infection test results make subsequent infections obvious by comparison.

SpyWarn™ 2.0 is available from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spybusters.spywarn.app
Instructions are available at http://spywarn.com/instructions/

Kevin D. Murray
Murray Associates
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