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IT Governance suggests ISO27001 to be mandatory in Europe

IT Governance, the global leader in information security and ISO27001 products, proposes cyber and information security measures to be raised throughout Europe.

BENELUX, EUROPE, EUROPE, February 4, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- IT Governance EU, the global leader in information security and ISO27001 products and services, proposes cyber and information security measures to be raised throughout Europe as number of cyber risks increases.

The Dutch government, Renault Bulgaria, UNESCO, the Italian police and Audi Switzerland are just a handful of European organisations that have suffered data breaches over the past two years, due to cyber attacks. The companies have suffered of website hacking, data breaches and private documents leakage as a result of heavy financial losses.

The proposed EU data protection regulations may include fines up to 2% of global annual turnover for compromised firms. IT Governance raises the debate that ISO27001 should be made mandatory and imposed by European regulation on all organisations in Europe of any size and sectors. The company strongly recommends that organisations increase their level of cyber security and implement ISO27001, the globally accepted information security standard to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks and data breaches. ISO27001 is recognised worldwide and brings a number of benefits such as:

Wins new business opportunities / retains existing customer-base
Safeguards the business and the company’s valuable intellectual property rights
Complies with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements
Differentiates the organisation in the market as Standards-Compliant
Avoids large financial penalties – both regulatory fines and contractual.
Although the European Commission is proposing to force European companies in certain sectors to report cyber attacks, there still remains a lack of both awareness and adequate preventative measures to protect important information. Cyber security should not be an option for European organisations; it needs to be obligatory.

Cyber attacks can have serious consequences for businesses that lead to heavy financial losses and reputational damage which can harm the business’ core value and brand. Organisations listed on the stock exchange can also be badly damaged by a fall in share price and consequent loss of investors trust.

IT Governance EU believes that cyber security should be at the heart of each organisation in order to protect its data and assets. However, many businesses in Europe are still not protecting themselves from cyber attack, and are leaving the doors open to hackers and giving them the opportunity to sharpen their cyber attacks abilities. The ISO27001 Standalone Documentation Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of pre-written ISMS documents compliant with ISO27001 standard. Find out more here: http://www.itgovernance.eu/p-1034-iso27001-2013-isms-standalone-documentation-toolkit.aspx

Ilenia Vidili
IT Governance
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